WBENC Affiliations

When registering for Summit & Salute, you will be asked to select your affiliation to WBENC. Here are descriptions of each affiliation to ensure you make the correct selection.

  • WBENC-Certified WBE –  A WBENC-Certified WBE is at least 51% owned and controlled
    by one or more women and has been certified by one of WBENC’s 14 Regional Partner
    Organizations. The WBE’s Vendor ID from WBENCLink2.0 is required for
  • WBENC National Corporate Member – A representative from a dues-paying
    Corporate Member of WBENC. View the list of Corporate Members here.
  • Regional Corporate Member – A Corporate Member of one of WBENC’s Regional Partner Organizations. (NOTE: If you are also a National WBENC Corporate Member, choose the National Corporate Member affiliation.)
  • Government Agency – A representative from a national, state, or local government.
    Must have a .gov email address.
  • WEConnect – Certified WBE – A representative from a women-owned business certified by WEConnect International.
  • Nonprofit – A representative from a nonprofit organization. Must have an .org or .edu
    email address.
  • Regional Partner Organization – A representative of one of WBENC’s 14 Regional Partner Organizations.
  • Corporate Non-Member – A representative from a corporation that is not a dues-paying WBENC National Corporate Member or Regional Corporate Member.
  • Small Business (Not WBENC-Certified) – A representative from an independently
    owned and operated company that is not certified by WBENC or WEConnect.
  • MOU Strategic Partner – A representative from an organization with a current
    memorandum of understanding with WBENC.