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Robyn Young

Robyn Young & Co.

CEO & Founder

For a shy, middle child in a single parent household, it was difficult to stand out and be heard. All that seemed to matter was what was on the outside. Even if things were crumbling on the inside, Robyn was encouraged to keep it to herself. She used art as an outlet and exceeded in school, but didn’t feel connected to her work. Everything looked great on paper, but inside she felt alone, misunderstood and lost.

It wasn’t until October of 2016, newly into her 30’s, Robyn realized this had transferred into her adulthood – disconnected, going through the motions, living paycheck to paycheck. She took the leap into entrepreneurship with no clients and no cash, while pregnant, to pursue a calling. Using little more than passion and her knowledge of people, she built over 50 brands and established her creative agency into a multiple six-figure business (and growing). Through Robyn Young & Co., she works with entrepreneurs and startups to discover their authentic story, cut through the noise, and create emotional connection and loyalty with customers. She’s dedicated her life to building brands rooted in authenticity and integrity. Brands that truly impact and inspire (not just another pretty face).