Business Lab

Corporate Member Leadership

As a corporate professional, exceptional leadership is key to your individual success, and to the success of your company. The Corporate Member Leadership Circuit will allow you to share and learn from best practices amongst your peers on leading and growing a best-in-class Supplier Diversity program.


A Balancing Act: Leveraging Diversity to Impact Profitability

Corporate procurement organizations are often tasked with reducing product costs through supplier consolidation and global contract negotiations that leverage supplier scale.

Join this session to hear from industry experts about how to effectively promote WBEs while executing your company’s profitability strategies.

Presented by: Fifth Third Bank

Your Authentic Self

It can be a challenge to live as your true self in a world that often oversimplifies identity. Are you a woman? Latinx? LGBT? All three? How do you balance identities that sometimes conflict? Understanding intersectionality—the place where interconnected social categorizations like race, gender, disability and religion overlap—in ourselves and others makes us better colleagues, allies and business partners. Our panelists will share their stories of intersectionality, identity and living an authentic life, paving the way for you to take your identities and those of others into consideration in both your business and personal lives.

Presented by: Bristol-Myers Squibb and EY

A Changing Landscape: Millennial Influence on Diversity

Millennial consumers are reshaping global economies through their buying practices, use of technology, and emphasis on social responsibility.

This session will focus on strategies around engaging and leveraging millennials as consumers and employees to aid in the growth of your Supplier Diversity program and the overall success of your company.

Presented by: ManpowerGroup

Connect…Inspire…Innovate: Women Mentoring Women

The Johnson & Johnson Women Mentoring Women Program was born out of our commitment to expand the reach of our Global Supplier Diversity Program. As we aspire to bigger and bolder goals for this program in the next 5+ years it is even more critical that we continue to invest in talent development and capability building both internally and externally with our supplier partners. Imagine what you could accomplish by integrating elements of your Supplier Diversity program with your Talent Development program. At this session we will share what happened when we did just that. Join us and gain practical tips, techniques, and tools to develop your talent and suppliers for mutual benefit.

Presented by: Johnson & Johnson