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WEDNESDAY 2:45 PM – 4:45 PM

The Utilities Industry Transformation

The Utilities industry is being pushed to economize and innovate at the same time. Affordability, customer demands and regulatory requirements are a short list of the business objectives driving the change. Expand the list to include topics such as deregulation, clean power, grid modernization, emerging technologies and new market participants; it becomes clear the industry is in the midst of dramatic and rapid transformation. Join us for an engaging and interactive session with leaders from Top Corporations in the Utilities industry who will discuss their perspectives with the following:

  • The short and long-term industry outlook.
  • Leading with relevance in a changing and growing market.
  • Supplier Diversity as a business strategy, specifically the role of women-owned businesses.
  • Hot Topics in Technology and Communications: 5G and More

    The hottest topic in the information technology and communications industry today is “5G”, but what is it and when will it become a reality? Explore the building blocks for 5G services and other leading trends in information technology and communications from today’s leaders in industry. Learn how to take advantage of these future technologies and the opportunities for you and your business.

    Patient Engagement Innovations

    The innovative advancements in patient engagement for pharmaceuticals span many areas, starting at the very early parts of development all the way through to commercialization and beyond; patient education, compliance and advocacy; understanding, accessing and using the healthcare system; and the impacts that these innovations have on the supply chain of today and the future.

    The Drivers in Tiering

    While supply chain tiers apply to any industry, in the automotive industry, they mean everything. This session will help you understand the complex automotive supply chain and identify which tier offers the best opportunities for the products or services you provide.

    The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital Procurement

    If you wish to understand and handle the disruptive power of technology and innovation, this is the workshop for you. In this session you will hear from experts on the topics of AI, Blockchain and Digital Procurement and will hear strategies and learn how WBEs can support the needs of some of the most innovative corporations in the world.

    Addressing the Rapidly Changing Business Needs in the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Industries

    Change is occurring at a rapid pace in all industries. Technological advances, environmental impacts, regulatory requirements, evolving client needs, and the need for efficiency are some of the key influences. Join this two-part session to hear from leaders in the Banking, Financial and Insurance industries as they discuss key factors driving change in their industry. Part one will highlight third party risk and its impact on their industry and its suppliers. Part two will highlight the Insurance industry which focuses on risk prevention and protecting the lives of customers during their critical moments of need. This panel session will explore how various business and environmental dynamics impact the supply chain of major insurers and discuss how suppliers must strategically position themselves as solution providers to the challenges being faced.

    THURSDAY 10:45 AM - 12:45 PM

    Energy Industry – Challenges, Opportunities and Adjustments

    The Energy Industry and its supply chain face many challenges and opportunities such as digitization disruption, sustainable procurement trends and adjusting business models during a period of recovery. This workshop will explore these topics and the impact they have on the industry supply chain.

    Artificial Intelligence: Technology Shifts of the Future

    Hear how early adopters of AI across industries and organizations are uncovering significant breakthroughs based on deep information within data. AI is paving the way to solve highly complex challenges, advance scientific research, and better predict events and human behavior. Meet today’s leaders in industry and prepare your business for the AI shifts of the future.

    Consumer Goods – Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

    Continuous disruption and the ever-changing environment of the retail industry deeply impacts the Consumer Goods industry. New technologies, shifting demographics and a much larger, global marketplace presents significant opportunities and challenges to this industry. This session will cover current trends from marketing and brand reinvention, to manufacturing, sustainability and distribution, the challenges and opportunities these trends present, and how best to prepare as a supplier.

    Analytics and Insights that Drive Informed Decisions in the Healthcare Industry

    Technology and the digital world has provided broad access to data including clinical trial information, patient adherence, electronic health records, and other emerging applications. The real-time availability of data has significant impact across many facets of the healthcare industry, touching scientists, physicians, providers, payers, and patients.

    What’s Driving Collaboration and Teaming

    Increasingly, companies are recognizing the value of taking inorganic paths to growth through joint ventures and teaming. It is allowing them to deliver innovative products and services to their customers. In this session, you will obtain key information on how joining forces in the automotive industry can lead you to succeeding together through collaboration.

    Innovation and the Digital Environment in the Banking & Financial Services Industries

    Technology, innovation, and disruption are synonymous! Our interconnectedness is more prevalent than ever. In the session, you will hear from visionaries and experts on industry insights, trends and be introduced to topics such as the future of big data, digital banking, cyber security, automation, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). You will also hear from Procurement experts and their approach to sourcing in this rapidly changing and innovation driven environment. This information rich session will provide valuable insights for business owners and their clients.

    Change, Disruption and Innovation Across Diverse Industries

    Technology is rapidly changing customer needs and products & services provided across all industries. Join this workshop as we talk about change, disruption and innovative advancements to understand the impacts to the supply chain of today and tomorrow in very diverse industries. This group will discuss, compare and contrast how they serve their business needs in order to best prepare Women’s Business Enterprises to be successful across various industries

    THURSDAY 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM

    Meet the Primes – Doing Business in the Energy Industry

    In this session Chevron will facilitate an engaging panel discussion with the prime suppliers of the Energy Top Corporations who will share their experience in the industry. The panel will be followed by a meet and greet to learn more about how your business can participate in the industry by doing business with major prime suppliers along with the Top Corpation teams.

    Technology Insights to Business Success

    Grow and advance your business for success. Learn key insights on how to prepare your business for the challenges of today and tomorrow from leaders in technology. This session will cover current trends in technology and resources to help you grow your business for the future.

    Disruption of the Retail Industry – Surviving vs. Thriving

    Disruption is the name of the game. However, spotting disruption before it occurs remains one of the largest challenges facing corporate America today, and especially in the retail industry. The increasing strength of the online sales remains a major driver, and is keeps overhead low, however how does one remain healthy and competitive in this consistently changing environment with both the online and physical shopping experience? This session will cover current trends from product selection and distribution, to customer service, loyalty programs and integrating the online and physical shopping experiences.

    The Ever Changing Value Chain/Value Equation for Healthcare

    Healthcare’s value chain is quite similar to most other industries; it includes manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, providers, professionals and payers. With industry challenges such as an aging population and increased pressure to reduce costs, how is the value chain and value equation evolving?

    The Future of Mobility

    A single car has approximately 30,000 parts and with the accelerated rise of new technologies, increasing automation and new business models; innovative industry disruptors are changing the way these parts work together. Join us in this session to hear key information on the future of mobility through autonomous driving, electrification, digital connectivity and more.

    Facing Disruptions in the Professional Services and Talent Industries

    Like most industries, this group of professionals from the Professional Services and Talent Industries must quickly adapt to changes in the industries they serve. Every day they face new business challenges from technological disruption and they must remain at the forefront of skill development. The successful WBE is facing the same challenges as decision-makers in these industries. Join this session as leaders in strategy, skill and workforce development share their experiences that allow employers to grow their business and develop their workforce

    Evolving Business and Embracing Change to Meet Consumer & Business Needs

    As technology rapidly changes the way consumers interact with companies in these industries, the Top Corporations focus on embracing change, technology and the ever evolving desires of the consumer. Hear from industry leaders as they share how Women’s Business Enterprises can best prepare to do business in these evolving supply chains.