What is the 2018 WBENC Summit & Salute?

The WBENC Summit & Salute is one of two national events where our network comes together to create and develop dynamic relationships while also taking time to celebrate the successes of our Women’s Business Enterprise Stars and America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises. The Summit engages participants in a three-day program focused around various industry-specific tracks, business networking, and development opportunities. The Salute! Dinner follows the Summit and is a festive evening that highlights our 2017 America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises.

What are the event dates?

The event begins on Tuesday, March 20th and ends the evening of Thursday, March 2nd. (NOTE: WBENC National Committee Meetings will be held on Monday March 19th). Click here to review the Schedule at a glance

What is the event location?

The Summit & Salute events will take place at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas:

2201 N Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, TX 75207

Who should attend the WBENC Summit & Salute?

WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), WBENC National Corporate and Government Members, Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs), Regional Corporate and Government Members, business owners (female and male), buyers and procurement representatives, supplier diversity professionals, and federal, state, and local government officials.

Which industries will be represented at the Summit & Salute?

You’ll connect with women owned businesses and Fortune 1000 companies that are industry leaders in healthcare, travel and logistics, energy, retail, transportation, telecommunications, finance, banking, office supplies and consumer-packaged goods to name a few, as well as federal, state and local government agencies.

How many attendees are expected?

The WBENC Summit & Salute is expected to draw more than 1,600 attendees from Fortune 1000 companies and America’s leading WBEs, as well as federal, state and local government agencies.

Do you publish the attendee list?

No, the full attendee list is not published due to privacy policies. Attendees can check-in on the WBENC Mobile App once the app is available. In addition, WBENC-Certified WBEs and Corporate Members can utilize to look up contact information for individuals within the network.

Explain the WBENC theme “Join Forces. Succeed Together.” and its relevance to Summit & Salute?

As we progress on the Road to Growth and Sustainability, it is apparent that the need to strengthen our partnerships not only with our valued Corporate and Government Members, but also between our certified WBEs is critical to our collective success. This success will result in fueling economic growth by opening new channels of revenue and creating jobs across both the public and private sectors. During the Summit & Salute, WBENC will expand networking, matchmaking and mentoring opportunities to include the WBE to WBE connections, as well as a keen focus on delivering industry expertise and innovation across our WBE constituents and the Corporate and Government Members. The theme of "Join Forces. Succeed Together." is exemplified by the accessibility afforded at the Summit & Salute to all constituents to partner and forge new relationships and create opportunities.

What will the weather be like in Dallas, Texas?

In late March, the average temperature in Dallas is a high of 70 degrees and a low of 50 degrees.

What is the dress code for the Summit & Salute?

The recommended attire for all Pre-Summit (Tuesday) and Summit (Wednesday all day and Thursday daytime) activities is business casual. The Salute! Dinner dress code is cocktail or black-tie optional.

What is the Summit & Salute privacy policy?

To view the privacy policy for attendee click here.

I would like to purchase an ad, is that possible?

Ads in the Program Book are reserved for sponsors. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.


What does it cost to be an attendee at the WBENC Summit & Salute?

    WBENC Network Attendee Categories:
  • WBENC-Certified WBE, WEConnect-Certified WBE
  • National/Regional Corporate Member
  • Regional Partner Organization
  • Government Agency
  • Nonprofit Organization
Individual Summit & Salute Ticket: Early Bird $500 | Regular (After 1.22.2018) $550 | Onsite $600 Individual Summit-Only ticket: Early Bird $400 | Regular (After 1. 22.2018) $450 | Onsite $500 Individual Salute-Only Ticket: Early Bird $300 | Regular (After 1. 22.2018) $350 | Onsite $400
    Other Attendee Categories:
  • Small Business Owner (Not WBENC-Certified)
  • Corporate Non-Member
Individual Summit Only Ticket: Early Bird $600 | Regular (After 1.22.2018) $650 | Onsite $700

What are the key registration dates?

  • November 13, 2018 – Registration opens to the public.
  • January 22, 2018 – Early bird registration ends. Important note: WBENC-Certified WBEs who purchase a Summit Only or a Full Summit & Salute registration; WBENC-Certified WBE sponsors; and WBENC-Certified WBE sponsor guests must be registered by January 22, 2018 to participate in the Procurement Opportunity Connection 1:1 MatchMaker meetings.
  • March 12, 2018 – Online registration closes. After this date, all registrations and payments will be handled on-site in Dallas. This is also the final date to submit registration transfer requests.
  • March 19, 2018 – On-site registration opens at 10:00AM and will close at 6:00PM at the Hilton Anatole Dallas. On-site registrations are available throughout the week and must be paid by company check or credit card. All on-site transactions are final.
  • What is WBENC’s refund policy?

    REFUND POLICY: All registration/ticket sales are final, no refunds will be issued. All sponsor package purchases are final and non-refundable.

    Are individual attendee tickets transferable?

    Paid registrations may be transferred to another individual at your organization if you notify WBENC in writing by March 12, 2018. Send transfer and substitution requests via email to Please include complete contact information for yourself as well as for the colleague who will be using the registration. All requests must be submitted in writing by March 12, 2018

    As a sponsor, I registered an individual for the Summit & Salute, now they are unable to attend. How can I transfer the registration?

    You can login to the registration system to access your records and make changes to allotments or to purchase additional items. Sponsors can make changes to their allocated Summit & Salute registrations until March 12, 2018, when online registration closes.

    Who do I contact with questions about the online registration process?

    Phone: Call Customer Service toll free at 1-800-310-7554 International registrants, please call 240-439-2554   Hours of Operation: 9am-5pm, EST, Monday - Friday   Email: Attendees – Sponsors –


    Why should I sponsor?

    Sponsorship brings tremendous visibility to your brand in front of 1,600+ attendees and over 30,000 contacts. The Summit & Salute attendees are comprised of women business owners and their staff, corporate executives and purchasing decision-makers, as well as representatives from government agencies and advocacy organizations. All sponsors are recognized in the program book, on the event website and have a presence on event signage at the Hilton Anatole Dallas.

    Click here to view sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

    Who is eligible to sponsor?

      The following entities are eligible to sponsor:
    • WBENC National Corporate and Government Members
    • WBENC-Certified WBEs
    • WBENC Regional Partner Organizations
    • Designated nonprofits/government agencies
    Note: WBENC reserves the right to approve all entities requesting to be a sponsor.

    Who do I contact about sponsorship opportunities?

    Please contact Mia Delano, Senior Director, Development and Corporate Relations, WBENC.


    I am the sponsor contact for my company, what do I need to know?

      As a Sponsor Contact, there are a few things you should know:
    • You are responsible for registering all attending members of your corporation for the event. You will receive directions from Mia Delano with a code to access your company’s registration. You will first need to register yourself as the Sponsor Contact and complete the company profile.
    • The Sponsor Contact will then need to register each of the individuals using your Summit & Salute registrations. You will need their full name, company name, and email address as well as demographic information.
      Important Note: If you as the Sponsor Contact will also be attending Summit & Salute, you must register yourself for one of your company’s allotted registrations. Sponsor Contacts are not automatically registered to attend.
    • If you need to make any changes to the registrations you already completed, you can log back in to make the revision any time before March 12, 2018.

    When is my company’s ad due for the Summit & Salute program book?

    All ads are due by January 22nd, 2018.

    Email if you did not receive your ad specs.


    Who is eligible to participate in 1:1 MatchMakers?

    WBENC-Certified WBEs who purchase a Summit Only or a Full Summit & Salute registration; WBENC-Certified WBE Sponsors; and WBENC-Certified WBEs who are a WBE/Corporate Sponsor guest with a current certification who register before the Early Bird Deadline of January 22nd, 2018, are eligible to participate in the Procurement Opportunity Connection 1:1 MatchMaker Meetings.

    What does being eligible for 1:1 MatchMakers mean?

    Being eligible means your company is currently WBE WBENC-Certified, and registered for the event by the Early Bird Deadline of January 22nd, 2018 and therefore your company will be invited to complete a company profile in our MatchMaker tool, at which point your company will be included in the 1:1 MatchMaker selection process conducted by our Corporate Members. Eligibility does not guarantee you a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting.

    What should I expect if I am eligible for 1:1 MatchMakers?

    • February 9th: WBE DEADLINE All WBE profiles must be completed in the MatchMaker tool.  Those WBEs that do not complete a MatchMaker profile, will automatically be excluded from the 1:1 MatchMaker selection process.
    • February 12th: CORPORATE MEMBER SELECTION PROCESS BEGINS After the February 9th WBE deadline, participating National Corporate and Government Members will begin to review eligible WBE profiles to identify WBEs that sell products/services in alignment with their current sourcing needs. After reviewing the profiles, they will determine which WBEs will receive an invitation to meet 1:1 during the MatchMaker event for 20 minutes.
    • March 9th: CORPORATE MEMBER SCHEDULING DEADLINE All 1:1 MatchMaker scheduling by National Corporate and Government Members will be completed by March 9th, 2018. Once a Corporate or Government Member has scheduled a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting with a WBE, the WBE will receive an email notification. However, it is strongly recommended that the WBE check their company’s schedule in the MatchMaker Tool. All MatchMaker scheduling ends on March 9th. 
    • March 16th: WBE ACTION ITEM It is highly suggested to download the MatchMaker tool, EventDex mobile app which can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. For additional app instructions and functionality, visit this site: to see how you can easily and quickly view your schedule, cancel an appointment and manage your schedule from the EventDex app. Print your final schedule. Schedules printed prior to this date may not have assigned table names NOTE: It is important to continue to login to EventDex and check your schedule leading up to the morning of the event to ensure there have been no cancelations or last minute scheduled meetings due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Am I guaranteed a 1:1 MatchMaker Meeting?

    1:1 MatchMaker Meetings are not guaranteed. Meetings are scheduled based on the procurement needs of the participating Corporate Members. No registration refund will be granted due to not receiving a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting.

    How will I know if a meeting has been extended to my company?

    Each WBE has access to their schedule when logged into the MatchMaker tool, EventDex.  It is strongly recommended that you monitor your company’s online schedule once a week to see if a meeting has been scheduled. While automatic emails are generated, delivery is not guaranteed.  Most of the Corporate Members will schedule 1:1 MatchMaker meetings between March 1st and 9th, which is why weekly monitoring is important. In addition, meetings may be canceled and rescheduled by the Corporate Members, so it is important to check the schedule leading up to the morning of the 1:1 MatchMakers event on March 22nd, 2018 to ensure no changes have taken place.1:1 MatchMaker Meetings are automatically accepted on the behalf of the WBE Company.  No action is required by the WBE unless they wish to cancel the meeting. Important Note: Because each WBE is able to personalize her own schedule and block specific meeting times that she knows she is not available to attend, no 1:1 MatchMaker meetings will be rescheduled due to travel or other conference event involvement. This is why it’s important to block your 1:1 MatchMaker schedule in advance.

    Can a WBE request a meeting with a Corporate Member?

    All corporations participating in MatchMaker will be listed in the MatchMaker tool by March 9th, 2018. If you see a Corporate Member participating that you are interested in meeting with during the 1:1 MatchMaker event, you may reach out to the supplier diversity team using the contact information provided in WBENCLink2.0.  When doing this, please keep in mind that the person you are emailing may not be the MatchMaker participant and will need to forward the email to the appropriate person. You will want to let them know you understand what their company does and what your solution for them is. In addition, it is important that you convey your understanding of the 1:1 MatchMaker process and that you are requesting a 1:1 meeting during the MatchMaker event only if they have available time slots. Important Note: Please do not contact any company that has not been identified in the MatchMaker tool as a participant.

    I have a 1:1 MatchMaker meeting scheduled, now what?

    This is your time to convince the corporation to take your company to the next level, so do your homework! Every company is different, convince them that your company can meet their specific needs because you understand what those needs are. To prepare for the meeting you can review the 1:1 MatchMakers 101 webinar available on WBENC Insights. Be on time! WBEs who arrive late, will not be allowed to enter the 1:1 MatchMaker meeting room. Arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled 1:1 MatchMaker meeting to check in and be seated in the holding room.  Information regarding registration for the 1:1 MatchMaker event will be provided via email from to the WBE participants prior to traveling to the event.

    Who can I contact for questions regarding 1:1 MatchMaker meetings?

    For more information regarding the Procurement Opportunity Connection: Meet & Greet or 1:1 MatchMaker meetings, please email or call Martha Valenzuela at 202-872-5518.

    Meet & Greet Questions

    What is the Procurement Opportunity Connection: Meet & Greet?

    The Procurement Opportunity Connection: Meet & Greet provides WBEs the opportunity to connect with a participating National Corporate/Government Member of their choice in an open but formal environment.

    How does Meet & Greet work?

    The Meet & Greet opportunity is broken up into approximately seven (7) round table sessions of 20 minutes with five (5) minutes between each session. All participating Corporate/Government Members are assigned one round table during the duration of the entire Meet & Greet event. For each session, eligible WBEs are able to choose which round table they would like to sit at, each round table seats up to 10 WBEs.. Once the 20-minute round table session has started, the Corporate/Government Member will begin with a two (2) minute introduction and overview of their company. Then starting on the left, each WBE at the table has one (1) minute to present their elevator pitch outlining their company’s capacity as well as what differentiates their company from others in their industry. After the introductions, the Corporate/Government Member has an opportunity to ask questions and engage in round table discussions. At the end of the 20 minutes all WBEs must move to another Corporate/Government Member’s table within five (5) minutes before the next round table session starts.

    Who can participate Meet & Greet?

    Any WBENC-Certified WBE in good standing, with a current certification who registered for a Summit Only or a Full Summit & Salute registration is eligible to participate.

    How can I prepare for Meet & Greet?

    You can prepare by reviewing the Meet & Greet webinar available in the WBENC Insights Library. It is highly recommended that you identify your target corporations to connect with in order to maximize this opportunity. Handouts of participating Meet & Greet Corporate Members will be available at the registration desk when you arrive. The room will be arranged numerically, so the handout is imperative as the corporation names will not be on the tables. Also, the list provided will not reflect any corporation that has changed their mind after the handouts were printed. You may also request a list the week of March 13th by contacting